What I’m about to reveal to you has never been done in Nigeria before,
even in Africa . . .

What I’m about to reveal to you has never been
done in Nigeria before, even in Africa . . .

[Announcing] Nigeria’s First Sneakers’ Website; Which Allows You Shop The Best Quality Of Your Favourite Brand Sneakers At A Lower CostPay At InstalmentEarn As You Shop.”

. . . even offers LIFETIME repair warranty!

I   C A N ’ T   W A I T

S H O W   M E   H O W   T O   J O I N !


I bet you still shop the old way.

You still place order and WAIT for decades before it will be delivered.

You still spend all your MONEY, ENERGY and TIME on calls, for the seller to deliver your order.

Or maybe, after placing your order;


. . . the seller stops taking your calls and stops replying your tests and if they reply at all, they will come up with so many excuses.

What about delivering a totally different sneaker from what you ordered?
I mean the picture you saw online while placing your order was different from what was delivered.

Okay!? Let me ask YOU again.

Have you ever bought a sneaker online and when it was delivered, you felt like you’ve been robbed because you paid higher for a lower grade sneaker?

. . . you said ‘YES?’

Here’s even the most confusing part . . .

. . . almost all fashion websites and online boutiques in Nigeria (I’m not excluded) uses the same picture to sell one particular sneaker. For this reason, you’ll see a sneaker (picture) selling for 35k, another seller with the same picture selling for 15k and in another site; the price will be higher or lower (same picture).

Yes . . . It is the same picture BUT different quality.

Therefore, you may not be able to differentiate the quality just from pictures until you use it for a while.

I know most of these reasons are why you’ve concluded that everything online in Nigeria is:


You’re right!

Even Folarin Falana popularly known as FalztheBahdGuy said:

“This Is Nigeria, Everybody Be Criminal”

One thing is certain - you don’t want to waste your TIME, MONEY AND ENERGY again shopping online. Not in this harsh economy.

Nobody wants to.

Like every other smart person, you want to go straight to what works. You want to shop conveniently, feel secured and enjoy best quality sneakers without any STRESS or HASSEL.

That exactly what you’ll get from this page shortly.

Before then,

My name is Odoh Austin, popularly known as Europe. I own many online and offline stores. All registered under Euroxclusive Services with C.A.C BN 2383349.
For 5 years I’ve been operating a successful boutique business (especially shoes).
See what some of my customers said about my product and services.

Now, It's Your Turn  

I have something SPECIAL for YOU!

I and my team (sneakers’ experts) have worked so tirelessly on this special project for close to 9 months, just to satisfy ALL your sneakers need. And to bring a lasting solution to all the problems you’ve been facing while shopping online.

Now, Introducing . . .

The first Nigerian website that specializes only on sneakers and its accessories.

S I G N   U P   F O R   F R E E !

Why Sneakers And Its Accessories Only?

I understood, out of ALL your outfits, sneaker is the most important.

. . . here’s why.

Research has proved, your sneaker is the first thing most people subconsciously look at when they see you for the first time.

When your sneaker is messed up or does not look rich, people subconsciously look down on you. You may not feel it, but it’s there!

When You Wear A Dope Quality Sneaker

  • It will elevate your outfit (no matter how dull your dressing might be)
  • People will respect and honour you because you’ll exude confidence and command attention
  • You’ll be ENVIED by men and ATTRACTED by girls. Na babes go dey rush YOU. Normally, it’s always in their nature to admire good things.

Quality shoe will always give your feet maximum comfort and balance.


There’s nothing else in this world that gives you instant status than rocking a DOPE sneaker or wearing the same sneaker worm by your favourite celebrity.

Just like me below . . .


You can only shop this kind at


Here’s What We Have For You

Apart from shopping the best quality at an affordable cost,

s n e a k e r s . n g   w i l l   o f f e r   y o u !


I know how you feel about this our current economy. There’s no money for shopping now. But, the truth remains; we must look good and bawl. No matter the economy!

For this reason, I’ve decided to offer you a flexible payment plan. At sneakers.ng, once you’re a registered member, you can pay at instalment (bit by bit) within weeks / month.

Your order will be reserved upon receiving your first payment.

There are Terms and Conditions for this offer.

As we launch our website soon – there will be little inventory, which means you may see a sneaker now and in the next few minutes, your size might no longer be available (sold out).

How do you avoid these? Make a down payment once you see what you like. And your size will be reserved till you complete your order and payment.


Here, you’ll be able to shop all dope discounted sneakers and accessories that are sold for 13k and below. All items in these feature is priced at N13, 000 and below!


Any money you spend shopping at sneakers.ng, 1% of it will be credited back to your wallet. Let’s assume you spend NGN 35,000 shopping with us, NGN 350 will be credited back to your wallet as our own little way of saying ‘’Thank You”.

This happens in all your transactions with us. You can use the money in your wallet to shop at sneakers.ng anytime, anywhere.


Once you create an account with sneakers.ng, click on your profile, you’ll see your wallet. This is where your 1% will be credited after each transaction. Not only that, you can as well fund your wallet directly from your bank.

Yes - You can fund it and as well withdraw directly to your bank.

Why this feature? You see, this economy is hard and for this reason, money doesn’t really last in our hands. Anytime you receive spare money, you can just fund your wallet and leave the money there.

You can do this periodically or make a budget for it. Let’s say, you decide to fund your wallet with 2k, 5k or more every week. Before you know it, you’ve already SAVED a good sum for buying a new pair of sneaker.

Of course, it’s your money. You can withdraw it at anytime!


This is to show you how proud I am about my products. I will offer you Lifetime (repair) warranty on all our sneakers.
We Trust Our Quality!

. . . other interesting benefits include:

  • Cash On Delivery (nationwide)
  • Fast Delivery
  • Highly secured payment gateway: Your card details are secured. No fear! You can make online payments at sneakers.ng as we take full responsibility.
  • We follow TRENDS
  • 24/7 rock star customer service all for you.
  • Very interesting and educative blog to teach you all you need to know about sneakers.
  • Very Convenient and EASY to navigate website

You can as well reject or return your order if doesn’t fit well.
I have been doing that.

See Below . . .


Sneakers.ng will be LAUNCHING soon,

The LAUNCH date will be announced FIRST to our subscribers through email.

S U B S C R I B E   N O W !


Why You Need To Subscribe Now

  1. You’ll be among the few people to know our launch date.
  2. Your WALLET will be credited with NGN 2,000 upon creation of your account.
    This NGN 2,000 will be used to shop in our website (sneakers.ng).
  3. You will receive a discount / gift coupon via email which you can use to shop in our website on the launch date.

I want to subscribe Now!

Here’s How To Subscribe
Click on this button below

Fill out the small form in the next page and submit.
Use your best email address.

N O T E :  Those offers (2k, free gifts coupons) are for the first 100 people to subscribe.
We have only 200k cash to give out now.

You need to act FAST, subscribe now for FREE

Still Thinking If sneakers.ng Is Right For You?

Well, here’s what others who once had the same thought said

Thus, This Are The Most Frequent Questions I Have Been Asked About SNEAKERS.NG


What kind of Brands will be selling at sneakers.ng?


Your favourite brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, Under Armour, Balenciaga, Gucci, valentino and so many other brands.


Are your sneakers directly from the original brand company?


No, it’s replica. But, grade ‘A’ quality. As you already know that even the replicas have many different qualities depending on your pocket and choice.


Will you be able to maintain this lifetime warranty?


Of course, YES. The ‘lifetime’ warranty is only applicable to sneakers. And its REPAIR warranty NOT changing the sneaker for you or refunding.


Will sneakers.ng offer Money Back Warranty?


Yes. Our money back warranty will be only effective for clients that paid online. And the warranty expires within one week after delivery.


What do I expect from your educative blog?


Our blog will educate you on all you need to know about sneakers. How to spot higher grade sneakers, thugs to consider before selecting any sneaker, maintenance and how to match clothes.


When is the launch date?




Will sneakers.ng be able to maintain all this interesting features?


Sure. We will try our BEST by His grace. Once there’s no abuse.


For Pay At Installment, will I pay interest?


Yes of course. But, the rate is very small just to cover the charges from our payment providers and bank.

P S :  The FREE NGN 2,000, Gifts and Coupons are for the first 100 people to subscribe.

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